We are Carlo and Manuela, a team of professional videographers based in Lucca in the beautiful Tuscany.
Karma wedding video was born definitively in the summer of 2016 from a need, to capture real moments, true feelings, unique and unrepeatable emotions.



It is never easy to talk about yourself.

I've always loved creating stories, since I was a child I used to draw comics. Growing up, I searched, both in my studies and in my life, something unique to create.

So, after years of study in the multimedia field, I came to the world of video, and I believe that I found my highest expression. 

When I met Carlo I knew right away that we would have been perfect for a team work.  In his images I have always recognized a passionate spirit, a continuous research for that detail that encompasses beauty.

In marriages I love the anxiety that rises during the preparations, the look when you see yourself for the first time during the ritual, the long hugs, the suspended kisses and the touching speeches.

I will always try to follow the inspiration and atmosphere that you will be able to give us.

It is the details that encompass the emotions,
and our passion is to seize and enhance them


From an early age, by playing I tried to tell the stories of others, now I grew up but the spirit remained the same, like the desire to tell.

A writer uses the pen, I have cameras and optics.

In Manuela I found not only a precious friend but also a partner who knows how to make the most of my work, I believe that our strength is to be complementary.

During weddings I behave like a discreet observer, a presence that captures the most important moments, without influencing them.

I want to meet the couples one or more times before the wedding day to create an empathic bond, try to understand the characters and the tastes of the future spouses, to better tell their day.