Destination wedding in Tuscany – Tenuta Maria Teresa wedding video – Scottish wedding

Ross + Kathryn
Teaser video Kathryn & Ross at Tenuta Maria Teresa, Lucca

Why do you want to capture your Tenuta Maria Teresa wedding video?

To treasure the special moment spent with our family and friends forever.

Kathryn's wedding ring
Kathryn’s wedding ring

Why did you pick us for your destination wedding in Tenuta Maria Teresa?

You were based in Lucca, close to our venue and your video quality stood out as being outstanding compared to the other vendors we looked at. Your communication was also excellent which was important for us in organising a wedding abroad.

I can’t remember the couples name but they got married in Lucca cathedral and I think she was Italian and he was Irish. I loved the shots of them wandering through the streets in Lucca.

Kathryn and Ross hold each other hands, Carina - the wedding officiant - is reading their love stories.
Kathryn & Ross wedding – Carina wedding Officiant

“Many years from now, may you still look into each others’ eyes and be able to say:
Because of you… I have lived the life I always wanted to live!
Because of you… I have become the person I longed to be!”

What do you do for a living? How do you spend your days when you’re not at work? What’s important in life?

We are in real estate. We work really hard during the week and it’s important for us to have downtime and relax which is why we love Italy so much and Lucca in particular.
The most important thing is spending time with our family.

The venue. Why did you choose Tenura Maria Teresa above anywhere else?

We love Lucca so much and want to live there one day. We toured so many venues but we are a chilled couple and wanted somewhere that was relaxed and not too grand.
Tenuta Maria Teresa was the most effortlessly beautiful venue we viewed. In fact, it barley advertises as a wedding venue as it is primarily a vineyard but we just loved its charm, rose garden, the views and the colours.
Other than our immediate family most of our friends had never heard of Lucca and we wanted to share it’s beauty with them too.
Most of our guests made it out for a few days and bumping into them in and around Lucca was just lovely.

What experience do you want to give your guests at your Tenuta Maria Teresa wedding?

We didn’t want our guests to spend a penny on the day (which they didn’t) and we wanted to have a relaxed day.
Those were our two priorities. We also wanted our guests to have an amazing time in Lucca so we set up a website to give them our suggestions on our favourite restaurants, cafes, things to do and day trips.

“Whether the weather be dreich or fair, my luve,
if guid times greet us, or we hae tae face the wurst,
ahint and afore whit will happen tae us:
blind in the present, eyes open to the furore,
unkempt or sharply dressed, suddenly puir or poorly,
peelie-wally or in fine feckle, beld or frosty,
calm as a ghoul or in a feery-farry,
in dork December or in springy Spring weather,
doon by the Barrows; on the banks o’ the Champs d’Elysees,
at mid-nicht, first licht, whether the mune
be roond or crescent, and ye be o’ soond mind
or absent, I’ll tak your trusty haund
and lead you over the haw – hame, ma darlin.

I’ll carry ma lantern and daur defend ye agin ony enemy;
and whilst there is breath in me, I’ll blaw it intae ye.
Fir ye are ma true luve, the bonnie face I see afore me;
nichts I fall intae slumber, it’s ye I see swimmingly –
all yer guidness and blytheness, yer passion.
You’ll be mine, noo, an’ till the end o’ time,
ma bonnie lassie, I’ll tak the full guid o’ ye’
and gie it back, and gie it back tae ye:
a furst kiss, a lang promise: time’s gowden ring.”

Scottish poem,
“A Lang Promise” by Jackie Kay

Kathryn & Ross first dance, surrounded by their friends and parents at the backyard of Tenuta Maria Teresa
Kathryn & Ross first dance – Tenuta Maria Teresa backyard

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